The Apple Watch Ultra is now available for store pickup

Apple’s newest smartwatch model is now arriving to customers who preordered it. Those who are still interested can get same-day or next-day pickup at select Apple Stores.

Customers may need to check the Apple online store to see which locations have the Apple Watch Ultra in stock. In the UK, Canada and US there are several stores that have the Apple Watch Ultra in Ocean band or Alpine Loop. Trail Loop models, however, are rarer and more difficult to find. Also, supply may dwindle as time goes on and the demand for the Ultra increases.

Apple Watch

Ordering via Apple Store pickup requires the customer to add the item to cart on the Apple Store app or, then proceed to checkout and tick the box that says ‘I’ll pick it up’. A pickup date, as well as choosing the best 15 minute check-in window is needed. Walk-in customers can get in and check for availability with mixed results.