The next Apple Watch may have a Non-Invasive glucose monitor feature

Rockley Photonics, Apple partner and supplier recently came out with new technology that allows for non-invasive glucose monitoring.

Apple is reportedly developing a glucose monitoring system that they intend to add to the Apple Watch, with rumors saying that it will appear on the upcoming Series 7. Though it’s unlikely but the new tech release from Rockley Photonics can make it possible.

The announcement of Rockley Photonics made mention of a ‘complete full-stack’ wearable health system. The reference designs and sensor module enables wearable devices such as the Apple Watch to monitor biomarkers like glucose, lactate, alcohol, body hydration, blood pressure and core body temperature trends, among others using infrared spectrophotometers instead of green LED.

Non-Invasive glucose monitor feature

Rockley further states that the tech will be used in a series of ‘in-house human studies’ in the next months. They said that reference designs should aid partners and customers and allow them to deploy and accelerate their own product delivery.

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