‘Three’ network in UK now has Apple Watch cellular support


Major cell network provider ‘Three’ now offers call services for those who have an Apple Watch cellular model.

Apple Watch

The UK-based cellular company recently promoted new deals that allow users to connect their smart watches to their iPhones. The package, titled ‘smartwatch pairing’ is currently under a promotion and being given six months free of charge for those who are interested.

With cellular support, Apple Watch users can now complete calls, texts or consume data between the watch and their iPhones. Three says that the iPhone can now be left at home and still be able to communicate using the Apple Watch.

Three’s new smartwatch pairing packages require an Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular or later, as well as an iPhone 6s or later. Aside from giving away six months of ‘smartwatch pairing’, the UK network firm is also offering Fitness+ free for 3 months.

After the promo ends, Apple Watch users get charged $8.60 a month.

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