UnitedHealthcare recently announced a program that lets members gain rewards by completing health activities and goals.

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The insurance provider’s program, called UnitedHealthcare Rewards, incentivizes users to ‘complete tasks’ in order to earn rewards, including completing a health survey, tracking their sleep for two weeks, completing a minimum 15-minute workout daily, or recording 5,000 steps. Members can get these rewards using an activity tracker, a smartphone, or a smart watch.

The insurance provider said that more activities will be added throughout the year. Select fully-insured employers will be able to access the program once the new plan year starts, while others will have to wait until later this year.

UnitedHealthCare Rewards payouts include $25 for a survey, $7 weekly for the fitness activity, $10 for sleep tracking, and $3.50 weekly for completing 5,000 steps. Those interested can visit the official UnitedHealthCare website or via the UnitedHealthCare app on their phones or tablets.


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