watchOS 10 brings Lockdown Mode expansion

Upcoming software update watchOS 10 will have the privacy-focused Lockdown Mode on the Apple Watch.

Lockdown mode was introduced for macOS Ventura, iPadOS 16, and iOS 16 last year. The feature protects users from ‘highly targeted cyberattacks’ and state-sponsored spyware via optional security settings. It’s designed for government employees, activists, journalists, and people of similar positions.

Lockdown Mode

With watchOS 10, those running iOS 17 will have Lockdown Mode automatically apply on their Apple Watch models as well when they activate the feature on their iPhones. Lockdown mode affects communication apps, including FaceTime, Messages, wired connections, shared albums, and Safari, severely limiting options and features on websites and apps. Configuration profile installation will also be removed, and devices with Lockdown will not be able to enroll in mobile device management while it’s activated.

Apple mentioned in a recent press release that it will expand Lockdown mode to allow for ‘safer wireless connectivity defaults, media sharing and handling, and network security optimization’