Yelp App Adds Compass Support for Apple Watch

Yelp’s update brings compass support on businesses and restaurants for the Apple Watch. This means you can get directions on your Apple Watch for an experience similar to the iPhone.

In the press release, Yelp mentioned that Apple Watch series 5 users should receive directions on a local business via the compass feature which appears on the lower right-hand corner of a business listing. The built-in compass will turn and update as you move and provide information and estimates on how far you are to the location.

Yelp App

The compass feature on the Yelp app is currently limited to the Series 5 model. However, there are several watchOS 6 updates, such as personalized results and a modern look that’s similar to the iPhone app experience.

The Yelp app can be downloaded for free on the App Store. Apple Watch Series 5 owners can see the new feature as soon as they’ve updated to the latest version.

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