Apple workers request for greater flexibility in work from home options

With the nearing of return to office work mandate by Apple CEO Tim Cook a group of Apple employees have submitted a proposal detailing greater flexibility in remote work options.

A letter has been sent to Cook and Apple leaders via Slack channel and consists of around 2,800 remote work advocates. The Verge reports that the employees were grateful for a forward-thinking hybrid approach in the midst of the pandemic, but stated that the solution will not meet their needs.


Recently, Tim Cook sent an email saying how employees could start returning to the office at least 3 days weekly beginning September. The CEO also outlined that workers could opt to remote twice weekly or choose to do so up to 14 days per year.

The letter detailed how they wish for ‘better work life balance’ and ‘better integration of location flexible and existing remote workers’, among others. The group also mentioned at the end that it wasn’t a petition.