Apple working with LG on iPhone folding display


Apple has reportedly asked LG Display to come up with a foldable screen for its future iPhone.

iPhone Folding Display

DigiTimes has mentioned that tech company LG is currently working on a folding display for Apple, but there’s no confirmation on whether Apple will ask LG to supply the panel for production of the smartphone.

LG has been repeatedly asked by the Cupertino-based company for a foldable display. In 2016 Apple and other companies have been the first customers. A year later, it’s been said that LG formed a task force to work on a flexible OLED screen for future iPhone models.

Apple is said to be in talks with Samsung for the tentatively titled ‘iPhone Fold’. Apple display panels are currently coming from Samsung Display and LG Display, so it’s not unusual for the company to be in discussion with both firms.

Apple is steadily working towards a folding smartphone, as evidenced by numerous patent applications and patents in the past few years.

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