5 New Apple Arcade Games Added for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone


Five new games are added to the Apple Arcade roster this week. All of them can be played on the Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.

5 New Apple Arcade Games Added for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

The titles are the following:

Versus Evil’s Yaga, a folktale RPG

Tendays Studio’s Tales of Memo, a puzzler

Kunabi Brother’s Lifelike- Chapter One, a particle symphony title

Bossa Studio’s Hogwash, a farm adventure game


FairPlay Studios’ Fallen Knight, a side scroller

LEGO Brawls makes its way to the Mac Apple Arcade, as well as Hogwash, Yaga and Tales of Memo. This totals the Apple Arcade library to 81 games on the macOS and 89 games on the tvOS and iOS.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that offers dozens of ad-free games for just $4.99 per month. Interested individuals can try it out for 30 days before committing to the service. It requires the latest iOS, iPadOS and macOS versions.


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