A Number of Apple Stores To Reopen September 20

Apple retail stores are set to be opened on the same day the Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 will be launched.

The Fifth Avenue, Apple Mall of America and Apple Bridgewater will have grand reopenings. Most of the retail stores will be prepared for the iPhone 11 launch by having special hours. To know the opening time of your local store, you can check the Apple retail site or see it in the Apple store app.

Here’s a rundown of other Apple stores that will open

Apple Parc Central. The last store to have the design classic scheme, Apple Parc Central is rumored to be getting Avenue shelving on the ground floor while having a Forum and video wall on the upper floor. Currently, there are banners that cover the whole upper level that display the Apple logo.

Apple Omotesando. The store has had a very public renovation, showcasing a new green wall and Avenue shelving. Apple has mentioned that it will receive creative updates with focus on Today at Apple sessions.

Apple Highland Village. Mirrors the locations in Santa Monica and Palo Alto with the addition of a video wall, a private Boardroom and Avenue shelving.

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