Apple is promoting a new AirPods ad on their Korean website and YouTube Channel, which focuses in on colorful, creative and funny AirPods skins.

AirPod Skins Video Shared on Korean YouTube Channel

The 40-second ad video touts how various AirPods are kitted out to add color, style and different personalities. The cuts are in tune with Charli XCX’s song ‘Focus’, and the whole look is similar to the sticker ad on the MacBook Air a few years ago.

Here, the white AirPods is transformed into french fries, various animals, plants, quirky cases and coverings.

You won’t find any of these skins or cases. Rather, Apple is highlighting the creative content from its community. The video description outlines “a variety of ‘unique’ AirPods that show off their charm and creativity”

Since its launch in 2016 AirPods is only available in white. For AirPods owners who want a dash of color, there are many options available on Amazon.


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