AirPods studio headphones might have head and neck detection features

According to reports by 9to5mac, the upcoming Apple AirPods which they are calling AirPods Studio might come with head and neck detection features. This feature will be similar to the ear detection feature in the AirPods. 

The ear detection in the AirPods and AirPods Pro stops playing the content when the users remove the AirPods from the ears. It also pauses the song currently played, when the AirPods are removed from the ears and resumes playing when the user puts on the AirPods again in the ears. 

AirPods Studio Headphones

The upcoming AirPods Studio will also have a similar feature in which the sensors will detect whether it is on the head or around the neck, most probably pausing the music when it is removed from the head. As long as the headphones are on the neck the sensors will not play the music.

Another exciting feature that might be present in the new AirPods Studio is the equalizer settings. There will be another sensor which will detect the right and the left ears to route the audio channels. When the users will pair the headphones with an iPhone or iPad it will automatically unlock custom equalizer settings. The user will then adjust low, medium, or high frequencies. Earlier there was also a rumor that Apple might price these new AirPods Studio at $349.