‘All of You’ and ‘Reigns: Beyond’ appears on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has gained two new additions today- ‘All of You‘ and ‘Reigns: Beyond‘.

‘All of You’ is a whimsical adventure featuring a chicken who’s out finding her chicks. The protagonist goes around to search for her lost chicks, with options to control the environment and go on the right path.

‘All of You’ is developed by the studio that made ‘Bring You Home’ and ‘Love You to Bits’. Alike Studio is an indie game company that has won numerous international nominations and awards.

‘Reigns: Beyond’ is the 4th game out of Devolver Digital and Nerial studios’ Reign series. It features a rock band struggling to rise on the ranks of popularity by going on gigs for fortune and fame.

The protagonist can recruit band members, manage ship resources and the crew. ‘Reigns: Beyond’ touts 1,400 decision cards and over 60 characters for a new experience every time.

Apple Arcade is a subscription based service that offers exclusive games for $4.99 a month.

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