Altamonte Springs Apple Store Now Open

The Apple Altamonte Springs retail store in Florida has opened its doors to the public after 8 months of expansion and construction work. The redesigned shop includes all the modern furnishings and features that the Cupertino-based company is aiming for.

The store was closed in January and merged with the adjacent space. Initially, the reopening was scheduled for August 31, but unexpected events and delays pushed it to September 6.

Altamonte Springs Apple Store Now Open

Apple Altamonte Springs has the same look as its indoor mall stores, including a video wall, black-framed doors, terrazzo flooring and a creative sessions Forum.

It’s the first classic store in Orlando to get the contemporary design, alongside locations in downtown Miami, Palm Beach Gardens and Jacksonville. The previous month, Apple Waterside Shops and the Apple Aventura in Miami have been reopened featuring larger outdoor pavilions.

Expansions improve Today at Apple session visibility and are a strategic upgrade for the upcoming iPhones. The Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia stores are rumored to have video walls in the near future.