App Store app on iOS gets Dark Mode


Apple has updated its App Store for iOS and now it has support for Dark Mode. The dark mode is a user interface with mostly black color. Now customers can use the dark mode to shop online.

iOS Gets Dark Mode

The Apple Store app version 5.8 (the latest version) integrates the dark mode with Apple’s first-party apps. Last week Apple also added dark mode support to the Apple Support app. It is a standard-setting for display across Apple Platforms. The Dark Mode swaps the bright elements of the user interface with dark ones to lessen the eye strain. It reduces the eye strain during the night time viewing. 

The dark mode is not a simple color inversion. The dark mode changes the graphical elements and texts from black to white. It retains the colors of the images. The users have access to a direct shopping portal for Apple’s digital storefront through the use of Apple’s shopping app. The app is a one-stop solution for the customers as they can make custom purchases, know about Today at Apple sessions, get product information and specs, and more. The users can download the Apple Store for iOS from the iOS App Store.


Samantha Wiley

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