App Store dominates Q3 2020 sales versus Play Store


Apple has reason to celebrate this third quarter of 2020, as its app platform is reported to earn twice as much in premium app, subscription and in-app spend compared to Google’s Play Store.

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Spend on both platforms have risen to 32% since Q3 of 2019, up from 24 percent. Downloads have increased 9% as well. Overall, App Store enjoys increased revenue from $14.5 billion to $19 billion, twice of what Google made in the same time period. However, Google has the lion’s share in app installs- 28.3 billion installs compared to Apple’s 8.2 billion.

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As for top charts TikTok dominated #1 in app downloads and non-game charts on both platforms. In Q3 of 2019, Tinder was the highest non-game app. Previous quarter champions include WhatsApp and Instagram.

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As for the games list, PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings took top spots on the App Store, while Pokemon Go and Coin Master dominated Play Store charts. Game installs for Apple decreased while Google enjoyed a 36.8% increase.

top apps for Q3 2020
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