App Tracking Transparency the highlight of new Apple ad

Apple has recently uploaded a new privacy ad that highlights the App Tracking Transparency feature.

The ad, titled ‘Privacy on iPhone – Tracked’ tells the story of an average user doing everyday tasks, which mirror common apps that follow him around. As more and more ‘people’ begin harvesting his data, he stops and pulls out his iPhone, then enables the ATT feature. Then, the people begin to disappear.


‘Privacy on iPhone – Tracked’ is the second iteration of the App Tracker Transparency ad within ‘Privacy. That’s iPhone’ platform. The first one is an explainer video on how ATT works, and went live April this year.

Apple introduced the App Tracking Transparency as a way for users to allow or disallow data tracking. Developers are forced to obtain permission before tracking a user on websites and other apps.

A report showed how 96 percent of iPhone users have enabled ATT when it came out. A survey mentioned how ATT was the favorite feature of users who are on iOS 14.5.