Apple-1 computer and Apple II Schematics by Wozniak sells for $737k and $630k

RR Auction has recently revealed that schematics for an Apple II prototype computer has sold for $630,272. What makes it special was that it was written by Steve Wozniak, then co-founder of Apple.

The documents consisted of notes and circuit schematics, programming instructions and photocopied pages of ‘Timing’, ‘Sync Timing and Adr. Gen’, ‘Display’, ‘System Timing’ and ‘Bus Sources’. Veracity was confirmed via a letter of provenance signed by Wozniak himself, saying how he was an engineer at HP and worked on hand-held calculators. 

Apple-1 computer and Apple II Schematics

Also, an Apple-1 computer was featured in the same auction and fetched $736,862. These machines are distinctive in that they were the first computers created and sold out of Job’s garage. There were only 175 units created and more than half no longer exist.

Other Apple-related auction items included a Monsters Inc. cue sheet signed by Jobs and a Wozniak- and Jobs-signed Battleship keyboard, which fetched $12,501 and $74,535, respectively.