Apple #1 in Brand Value and Has Risen 9%

Apple ranks again as the most valuable brand in the world. It’s the 7th consecutive time Apple has bagged the award by Interbrand.

The organization ranks each brand’s value according to several factors, including its presence, authenticity, consistency, differentiation, engagement, relevance, responsiveness, governance, commitment and clarity. The top 5 this year are Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple.

In 2018, Apple has received top scores for differentiation, engagement and consistency, which was replaced by ‘governance’. Interbrand has defined several elements, such as engagement being the customer’s level of identification, participation and understanding of the brand, differentiation being the experience and consumer perception and governance being how efficiently and effectively a brand deploys its strategy.

Apple has gone up 9% as compared to last year’s value. The brand is now worth $234 billion, solidifying itself as the world’s most valuable in the category.

Interbrand is a marketing consultancy based in New York, specializing in branding management and brands. The organization operates in 17 countries from around the world.

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