Apple accidentally confirms AirTags in the new Apple Support Video


Earlier Apple uploaded a support video on its YouTube channel which reveals the existence of AirTags, an unreleased product. The blog, Appleosophy spotted the video which has now been removed. 


The title of the video was “How to erase your iPhone.” It was a tutorial to rest the iPhone. When the video reaches around 1:43 it tells the users to turn off “Find my iPhone.” On the screen that shows this process, there is also another option where the text AirTags is referenced by name. 

The text says:

“Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.”

Apple accidentally confirms AirTags in the new Apple Support Video

AirTags allow users to track their belongings. These AirTags will use Bluetooth to find the lost items similar to Tiles. Last year Macrumors shared the screenshots of the AirTags which were then codenamed B389 in “Find My App.”

Macrumors found the evidence last year within the iOS 13 code. Last year Macrumorz reported that the new Find My App will integrate the tags under the “Items” tab. Also, the other apps such as Tile constantly ask for background location access. Apple’s AirTags will not do it making it much faster and precise. It is an advantage that Apple will have on its platform.

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