Apple acknowledges O2 network issues experienced by iPhone XR users


Apple released a statement that the iPhone XR doesn’t work as intended when used with O2 Network, as per BBC News.

Apple Acknowledges O2 Network Issues Experienced by iPhone XR Users

The admission came in after numerous complaints from iPhone XR users said they’re unable to use their smartphones with O2 as the mobile provider due to intermittent signal.

O2 Network customers who own an iPhone XR were unable to receive, send text messages, calls and had trouble maintaining a 4G connection for internet-required apps. The telecommunications company didn’t reveal how many were affected and said that turning the phone off and on should temporarily fix the weak signal.

The first time the problem was reported was on December 16, when an O2 subscriber said he had virtually no signal. He was told by O2 that Apple released an update, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Affected users are told to message Apple for help or go to Twitter for answers.

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