Apple acquires Dark Sky weather App

Dark Sky is the most famous weather App that you can find on App Store, it is well known for its accurate weather predictions. The Dark Sky’s developers announced today that they are joining Apple. The Dark Sky’s website mentions that there is no better place for Dark Sky than Apple to accomplish its goals. 

According to the blog, as of now, there will be no changes to the iOS App. It will be available for users to purchase it on the App Store. As Apple acquires this App, it is more likely that it will be free of cost. However, currently, Apple has not made this App free. The price of this App is $3.99.

Dark Sky weather App

Apple might have plans to incorporate Dark Sky and its weather App. Currently, Apple’s weather app gets the data for weather from the Weather Channel. The Dark Sky is one of the most accurate weather apps that the users can install on their phones. 

It gives weather reports every minute. The weather predictions by this App are location-based and are also very accurate. The App also gives the weather forecast for the next day and the next week. It has several notifications and advanced animations to show the weather.  

As Apple acquires the App, Dark Sky will not be available for Wear OS and Android from July 1, 2020. 

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