Apple acquires Voysis, an AI start-up for making improvements to Siri


According to reports by Bloomberg Apple has acquired Voysis which is an AI startup for making improvements to Siri. Voysis is a platform that offers a better understanding of the natural language for digital assistants. 


Voysis helps online voice assistants and improves them to help users in online shopping applications. It helps to interpret the request by users in a better way. Voysis used a client database along with artificial intelligence tools that understand the users’ requests. It understands the specifics of services, products and also the vocabulary to ensure that the users have a good experience. 

The customers used simple search phrases such as “I want a new Plasma TV” or “Show 4K TVs.” According to Voysis the users online could search three times faster with the voice commands as compared to typing the searches. 

According to Bloomberg Apple has plans to use the Voysis technology to improve the search commands using Siri. It will help Siri understand the natural language better than it did before. Apple confirmed to Bloomberg that it bought Voysis, saying that Apple purchases smaller companies but Apple does not discuss the purpose of their purchase.  However, Apple has purchased many startups in the past five years to improve its services.

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