Apple addresses distorted screen issue in its new support document


Earlier Apple published a new Support Document which gives the details on how to fix the distorted screen of Mac Screen which Runs Windows 10. 


There are a few models of Mac that run Windows 10 with the AMD Radeon graphics which experience the distorted screen issue. This distortion may also affect the entire screen. Also, when the users try and install Windows 10 it may say that Mac is not ready for this version of Windows as it has an old model of AMD Graphics. 

Apple gives the details to fix the issue. According to the support document you can, “Update your AMD graphics drivers for Windows. If they’re already up to date, please use the workaround below until AMD offers a later version of their graphics drivers for your Mac model.”

Apple also gives another solution. You can reduce the resection of the affected screen.  Apple in the document tells, “If updated AMD graphics drivers aren’t yet available for your Mac model, you can work around the issue on an external display by reducing the resolution of the display or using a lower-resolution display.” The document gives a list of steps that the users can follow to reduce the resolution. 

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