Apple addresses some 13-inch MacBook Pro’s suddenly shutting down

Apple has recently uploaded a support document that details the steps 13-inch MacBook Pro owners can use when their computers are shutting down for no reason.

Some of the details include checking to see if the battery level of the MacBook Pro is below 90%, plugging it in, shutting down all apps and letting it charge and sleep for 8 hours.

This is the 13-inch MacBook Pro by Apple.

Afterwards, the user must make sure that his or her macOS version is updated to the latest one. If the problem doesn’t go away after the steps are completed, users are directed to contact an Apple representative for service online or at an Apple Store.

Aside from the support document, 13 inch MacBook Pro users are trying to understand why this is happening and have posted on various forums, including Apple’s. The issue seems to affect only the new, entry level 13 inch model of the 2019 MacBook Pro.