Apple adds an option to share medical ID Information during emergency calls


There are several new features of the fourth beta of iOS 13.5. It makes changes to the face ID, adds more information about the exposure notification API. The new update also allows the users to share medical ID information when they are making emergency calls.

Emergency Calls

The new beta release of iOS 13.5 makes several changes to the Health App. Now when the users open the Health App, it gives an option to the users to change their medical ID settings. It now adds the option to add medical ID information when they make emergency calls. 

When the user enables this feature, the iPhone will send the medical ID information to the personnel who will answer their emergency calls. It will provide the person who receives the call key medical information such as medical conditions, allergies, language, etc. 

Apple says that it will speed up the process of providing necessary care to the person who makes the call. The users can adjust the settings using the Edit option available on the Medical ID option available on the settings app. According to Apple when the user activates this feature, it will also share the user’s location. 

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