Apple adds Chicago to its “Look Around” feature in Apple Maps

This week Apple adds Chicago to the Apple Maps “Look Around” feature. Now the users can experience the complete 3D street view of Chicago using Apple Maps. 

Justin O’Beirne gave the details of the expansion of the feature adding Chicago. He says that now the total number of cities that have to Look Around is ten. Before this week’s expansion of the feature adding Chicago, Apple added Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C to Look Around in February. 

Apple Maps

According to O’Beirne, these ten metropolitan areas make up 0.3% of the total US land. However, it covers almost 13.8% of the population of the USA. Look Around is better at imagery and also navigating in the city as compared to Google Street View. 

The users will notice a Binocular icon appear in the area where Look Around is available on the Apple Maps. When the users tap on it, a street-level view appears at the top of the screen. The users can also expand it to full screen. Apple has the Look Around feature on the Apple Maps below the Directions and Flyover buttons. O’Beirne also noted that eight of these ten metropolitan areas covered by Look Around are among the top ten largest urban areas of the USA.