Apple adds stay-at-home and Coronavirus content to its Podcasts App

The coronavirus outbreak is making people stay at home in countries all across the globe.  Many companies and institutions are now asking their employees to stay at home and work from there. Many services offer content that will keep the users updated about the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Apple’s podcasts team also offers stay-at-home and coronavirus content for its users. This content is for those who want to stay connected to the news about the coronavirus and also stay entertained. 

Apple Adds Stay-at-Home

There are informative news updates in the “Coronavirus: Stay Informed” section of the Podcasts app on Mac and iOS. The news updates are from reputable sources such as NPR, CNN, BBC, and ABC News.

There is also a “Cultivating Calm” section that provides shows for the listeners to relax. This section includes The Daily Stoic, Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, and The Happiness Lab with Dr. Lauren Santos, and other similar options. The users can find all of these podcast collections in the “Browse” section of Apple’s Podcasts app on iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV.

Apple’s Podcasts app also has exclusive content for kids. This content ranges from educational to fun titles for kids for them to listen during their downtime. Apple also provides a special coronavirus coverage section in Apple news.