Apple advocates for improved sharing and access of patient’s health information

Microsoft and Apple representatives will be attending a Carin Alliance meeting to push for a better way for patients to share and access their medical records. The event focuses on a proposed change by the Department of Health & Human Services, which will promote medical data inter-operability among healthcare providers.

CNBC reports that Apple Health Team representative Ricky Bloomfield will be attending the meeting. The push addresses the difficulty of patients switching healthcare systems and providers due to medical facilities still using CDs or fax to provide health records.

Apple Advocates for Improved Sharing and Access of Patient's Health Information

Apple is at the forefront of making the patient’s health data become more accessible. Recently, the Cupertino-based company has recently launched the Health Records feature which allows iPhone users to get their personal medical records from participating medical providers and hospitals. To date, there are more than a hundred US providers who allow iOS users to acquire and share their medical information on the Health app.