Apple allows Amazon Prime Video App to use its payment method on iPhone, Apple TV and iPad

The Amazon Prime Video Apps for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone allows the users to make purchases in the App, and Apple allows Amazon to use its payment methods instead of using the traditional in-app purchase options. 

When the users open the Prime Video app on iPhone, Apple TV or iPad they will find a message that says, rent, browse, or buy the popular TV shows or movies within the app. 

Amazon Prime Video App

According to The Verge, the users do not require to update the app to get this new feature. They will find a Store Tab at the bottom of the App. The customers can make purchases here for the TV Shows, movies and other content. 

Mark Gurman Tweeted about this new update saying: 

“Apple says it has had an “established” program for “premium” video apps subscriptions, now including Amazon Prime”.

He also said in his tweet that Apple will now allow Amazon to use their payment methods and not the traditional in-app-purchases. With this method, Apple gets a 30% cut. Gurman also mentions that, 

“This program has been in use already with Altice One and Canal+”

Before this update, Amazon did not allow its users to buy or rent the content within the Prime Video App on iOS devices.