Apple allows paid employee leave during US election

Apple will be giving leeway to employees so they can vote in the US election.

Hourly and retail Apple employees will be allowed to take time off to vote in the US election in November. Bloomberg reports that Deidre O’Brien, SVP of retail and staff has sent the memo this week to those concerned.

The memo mentions how employees who are working on Election Day are allowed 4 hours paid time to participate in the 2020 US Election. Furthermore, able volunteers can serve as election workers in their local polling stations if they want to. No other information has been revealed.

The US Election 2020 is scheduled on November 3, which falls on a Tuesday. Apple, along with other major tech companies such as Uber, Twitter and Lyft have given its employees time to vote. Also, firms in major industries across the US are giving their workers time in order to cast their respective ballots.

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