Apple and Tim Cook commemorate MLK day


January 20 marks MLK, or Martin Luther King Jr day in the US, and Tim Cook and Apple have commemorated the federal holiday with a full page tribute and a tweet.

Apple and Cook Commemorate MLK Day

Tim Cook, Apple CEO mentions a quote that Martin Luther King Jr. said about believing that people can have freedom, dignity and equality for their spirits, culture and education for their minds and 3 meals a day. Cook urged people to work in order to make Luther King Jr’s dream a reality.

The full-page tribute to MLK can be seen on the official Apple website. The black and white photo includes a picture of Martin Luther King and one of his most famous quotes. Underneath, Apple has added that the company honors the legacy and life of the historical figure on his day.

Apple continues its practice of honoring important events via tweets and dedicated full-page tributes.

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