Apple announces new event on November 10

Apple will be hosting an event, titled ‘One More Thing’, to go live on November 10.

Speculations say that the event will be used to reveal the new line of Macs with Apple Silicon processors instead of Intel chips.

Apple event on November 10 2020

The ‘One More Thing’ tagline has had a history in Apple to denote significant announcements of new Apple products. The last time it was used was to announce the iPhone X three years ago.

An augmented reality teaser has connotations leading to a Mac- the video had an Apple logo similar to what would happen if an Apple laptop lid was opened.

The switch from Intel to in-house CPUs started in June at WWDC, with the promise of new computers sporting the ARM chips would surface in 2020. Here, the Cupertino-based company claims it could achieve better performance at lower energy consumption compared to Intel’s chips.

‘One More Thing’ goes live November 10 at 10am PST and will be hosted on