Apple answers shareholder critics with human rights policy

Apple recently responded to investors’ claim that the Cupertino-based company gives too much leeway over China’s censorship demands with a document about human rights policy.

The document, which is four pages long writes about ‘freedom of information and expression’ and shows Apple’s commitment in ‘respecting human rights on every life’ they come across. However, Apple also says that they are required to comply when it comes to local laws but doesn’t get any more specific.


The policy was approved by the board of directors and published before September 5. It was a result of a few Apple shareholders who submitted a consumer advocacy group proposal about upholding freedom of expression in a global aspect. The proposal was held in place by the Securities and Exchange Commission when Apple tried to remove the proposal from the agenda.

Investor pressure has built up lately, with investors pointing how they acceded to Beijing’s demands. In one case, Apple removed Quartz, a news outlet app after government complaints about illegal content was mentioned.