Apple Arcade Devs talk about creating on Apple’s platform

Several game developers have opened up on how they create titles on Apple’s subscription-based service.

Sean Krankel thought his game, ‘Next Stop Nowhere’ would be a good fit for Apple Arcade as it doesn’t allow for in-app purchases, as well as being able to reach a broader audience.

Apple Arcade

Krankle believed that premium games could still survive in today’s world through the platform, although he had to implement a way for the player to take a break.

Jake Hollards, creator of Game of Thrones- Tale of Crows mentioned that non-monetization allowed him to focus on creating a healthy idle game.

Hollands further said the goal was to have a game fit around the player’s lifestyle instead of invading it. Sean Murray, co-founder of ‘The Last Campfire’ mentioned that they wanted to develop intuitive touch-based controls, and aim for a ‘reaching into the screen’ experience.

Recent additions to the Apple Arcade service, which costs $4.99 a month include ‘The Last Campfire’, ‘Next Stop Nowhere’ and ‘GoT: Tale of Crows’.