Apple Arcade is Now Accessible to Some Users

Apple Arcade is set to be launched September 19, but a few users are already seeing it available on their devices.

It appears that those who are on iOS 13.1 beta are able to see Apple Arcade and sign up for a subscription. Apple Arcade comes with a one month trial, then charges $4.99 per month after that. Reports say that currently, it has 54 games but the full list is yet to be revealed. Games will encompass all genres, from RPGs to Casual titles and everything in-between.

Apple Arcade is Now Accessible to Some Users

To install Apple Arcade games, browse through the selection and tap on the ‘Get’ button. The title can be played in full even when you don’t have an internet connection, and multiple games may be installed on a single device.

The September 19 launch is still the official date on the Apple Arcade’s launch, so for the rest who don’t see it, you’ll just have to wait until Thursday.

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