Apple Arcade offers a sneak peek with the early access program


In March, Apple announced a new kind of gaming service that allowed Apple TV, Mac, and iOS users to access a group of paid apps at a monthly cost.

Apple Arcade

Today, Apple is offering the Apple Arcade to interested employees for a monthly fee of only $.49c per month via the early access program. Users can get one month free, and the trial ends as soon as iOS 13 is launched.

Apple Arcade Screenshot

Reports surmise that the 1-month trial will be offered when the service officially launches, but the monthly fee is still to be determined. After the signup is completed, the user will get a list of the featured games, where they can simply click the ‘Get’ button to download the app or game. Currently, highlighted games include Hot Lava, Down in Bermuda, Lame Game 2, Sneaky Sasquatch and others.

Apple Arcade is set to launch in 2019 fall, offering 100+ titles for a fixed monthly fee.


Samantha Wiley

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