Apple Arcade to launch Disney Melee Mania in December


Apple’s gaming platform is set to receive a Disney mobile game next month.

Apple Arcade

Disney Melee Mania is a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena game with Pixar and Disney characters competing in 3v3 matches. The family-friendly brawler features holographic versions of beloved characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Wreck It Ralph, Maleficent, Mickey Mouse and more fighting within a virtual arena.

The Apple Arcade exclusive has a time limit of 5 minutes, where players get points from defeating their opponents and accomplishing in-game goals. Challenges and several game modes are offered to keep things fresh, with in-game rewards acquired through events.

The company posted a tweet with a short video of gameplay, and Apple has revealed that there will be twelve playable characters come launch date. Previews have shown Wreck-It Ralph, Timon, Mulan, Moana, Mickey Mouse, Maleficent, Jasmine, Frozone, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear and Bing Bong.

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 a month and offers exclusive games with no in-app purchases or ads.


Samantha Wiley

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