Apple Arcade Updated with Five New Games

Apple Arcade, Apple’s gaming subscription service for the iPhone, Mac, Apple TV and iPad gets five new additions for the Apple TV, iPad and iPhone and two new titles for the Mac.

  1. SkyBox Labs’ Stela is a movie-like platformer featuring a woman who’s witnessing the end of a strange world.
  2. Stainless Games’ ShockRods is a multiplayer arena shooter that features vehicles scoring points by goals, destroying opponents and reaching the objective.
  3. Rogue Games’ Mind Symphony is a shoot em up in dual modes- a frenetic pace or a relaxing one.
  4. Chucklefish’s INMOST is a puzzle platformer that features 3 playable characters in one interwoven story.
  5. Efecto Studios’ Decoherence features building robots and conquering opponents using battle strategies.

For the Mac:

WayForward: Traverse’s Shantae & Seven Sirens feature an undersea world where you fight The Seven Sirens and make Half-Genie allies.

Apple Arcade Updated with Five New Games

Amanita Design’s Pilgrims is an adventure game that’s open world and features unique characters and dozens of usable items.

These games are available to download now with an Apple Arcade subscription at $4.99 a month.