Apple Assembles Team to Make iPhone Beaming Technology


Apple has recruited a team to look for new ways to beam data onto iPhones and Apple devices, as per Bloomberg.

Apple Assembles Team to Make iPhone Beaming Technology

The Cupertino-based company employs a group of engineers from antenna design, satellite and aerospace industries to work on the project and has set a deadline of five years.

In the report, the main objective was to create a data beam-forming technology to send data straight to iPhones. If successful, piggybacking on wireless carriers is no longer a necessity. Apple could also be exploring satellites for improved maps and better location tracking purposes, among other things.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO was rumored to put the project in high priority, with hiring for the project being ramped up. Apple has hired Michael Trela and John Fenwick in 2017, and more people with wireless expertise, such as former Netflix executive Daniel Ellis, Aerospace executive Ashley Williams and engineer Matt Etus have been recruited as well.

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