Apple awards $10 million to COVID-19 testing kit maker


Apple will award $10 million COPAN Diagnostics from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund. COPAN Diagnostics has been a market leader in manufacturing the sample collection kits for COVID-19. These Kits have played a vital role all over the USA for coronavirus testing. 


The purpose of this funding to COPAN Diagnostics is to ensure that it speeds up the process of manufacturing and supply of the sample collection kits. Apple expects that with this funding the kit maker will supply at least one million kits every week by July. 

Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams said that Apple is thrilled to partner with COPAN Diagnostics, which is one of the most innovative makers of the COVID-19 testing kit. He also added that Apple is excited that with this partnership COPAN Diagnostics will expand its production. He said:

CEO of COPAN Diagnostics Norman Sharples said, “We’re excited to forge this new relationship with Apple.” He also said that this fund will increase the delivery of important medical equipment to professionals across the USA. 

Apple has already donated several million dollars to stop the spread of COVID-19. Apple has also donated millions of dollars to America’s Food Fund. Besides the donation, Apple has also supplied 10 million face shields and also more than 30 million face masks.

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