Apple Bags China’s Outstanding Brand Award for Environmental Focus


Today, Apple has announced that it has received the first-ever CITI Outstanding Brand Award due to its efforts to create an environmentally responsible supply chain in China.

Apple Bags China's Outstanding Brand Award for Environmental Focus

The news was posted on Apple’s Chinese site, with the Cupertino-based firm promising to continue its sustainable efforts in environmental management while keeping its supply chains ‘superior’.

Apple states that it will be working to strengthen positive environmental impact outside the supply chain and share best practices to the industry.

The clean water initiative set up by Apple in China has saved upwards of 25 billion gallons of water. About 76 percent of Apple suppliers are working towards running solely on renewable energy. 40-plus percent of manufacturing partners have committed to making Apple products using one hundred percent clean energy.

By the year’s end, Apple and partner suppliers will have produced six gigawatts of energy from renewable sources all over the globe.


Samantha Wiley

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