Apple begins notifying developers of Small Business Program eligibility


Apple has recently begun letting developers know that they have been accepted for the App Store Small Business Program.


The App Store Small Business Program allows developers to get reduced App Store fees. Announced in November, the platform takes 15% off for those who are earning less than $1M per calendar year. Signing up for the program has been available since December 3 and it’s only today that Apple has been sending out notices.

Developers who earn under $1M for this year can qualify and experience 15% reduced commission rates. New developers in 2021 will be defaulted to the program moving forward. Those who earn $1M and above per calendar year are subject to a 30% App Store commission rate.

The Cupertino-based company mentioned that the program will affect a lot of developers, all of which have the same access in Apple developer programs and tools. The aim of the program is to support new jobs, provide more funds and generate more digital commerce within the Apple ecosystem.

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