Apple Begins SensorKit Framework Development for Research


Apple currently has two frameworks, CareKit and ResearchKit for creating medical-related apps. CareKit is more for developers who want to add medical condition management, while ResearchKit is for creating surveys, tasks and consent forms.

Apple Begins SensorKit Framework Development for Research

Apple engineers have begun developing a new framework that will join the two existing ones. Tentatively called SensorKit, the platform lets developers use the sensors in Apple products, e.g., Apple Watch and the iPhone, which covers the pedometer, location metrics, gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, wrist detection and app usage reports.

A new app, called Research will also be released for users who want a platform for study participation. This provides a gateway access to research studies that’s more convenient than the one they’re using now.

Announcement and release date for the SensorKit has not been disclosed, but we can expect it to be publicized as early as the following week, during the September event.

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