Apple buys a spectral edge for enhancing iPhone photography

Apple has acquired Spectral Edge, a UK-based startup that works on enhanced photography for a still undetermined sum of money.

The company uses machine learning technology for more accurate colors and crisper smartphone pictures, primarily by layering infrared images and merging it into the captured photo. Spectral Edge calls it ‘Image Fusion with Deep Learning’ in order to produce higher clarity, detail, and color in any image.

Apple buys a spectral edge for enhancing iPhone photography

Spectral Edge can bring its expertise on the Camera app for the iOS. Apple already has several features such as Deep Fusion and Smart HDR to improve image processing, but the acquisition can take the camera’s capabilities further.

There’s no official word or announcement yet, but filings and documents were cited by Bloomberg regarding the acquisition. In one of the filings, Peter Denwood, Apple’s corporate lawyer was named director while board members and advisers were ‘terminated’.

These kinds of acquisitions are not uncommon as Apple has bought 20-plus companies in the past six months, most of them under the radar.

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