Apple Car arriving 2025 earliest, according to analyst

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo has announced that the Apple Car might be arriving 2025 at the earliest, thereby quelling any rumors that production of the self-driving vehicle may begin sooner.

Kuo states that there are still many ‘elements’ being worked on despite rumors saying how Taiwanese car part factories were rushing shipments to Apple for a 2021 launch. The TF Security employee also suggested that buying stocks that are associated with Apple’s project is a ‘knee jerk reaction’ and may be short-lived.

Apple Car

Major problems in Project Titan are competition within the EV market, lack of specification and supplier, and launch period uncertainty. While initially the organization forecasted the self-driving vehicle to be launched between 2023 to 2025, it pushed back to 2025 due to Apple not having a clear development schedule.

Kuo also warns that due to Apple’s high standards and the changes occurring within the self-driving niche that the Apple Car may be postponed until 2028.