Apple Card launches in the U.S


Today, the Apple Card officially rolled out to all customers in the U.S. To apply, all you need to do is open your iPhone’s Wallet app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Apple Card

Jennifer Bailey, VP of Apple Pay said that Apple was thrilled with the public’s excitement regarding the financial product. In the press release, Bailey mentioned that they will be extending the Daily Cash rewards to 3rd party merchants, beginning with Uber & Uber Eats.

Invitation for the Apple Card began with only a few select customers this month. The product is a zero-fee card that has one interest rate on all balances. Daily Cash provides an incentive to spend, with 3 percent cash back for Apple items, 2 percent cash back for Apple Pay purchases and 1 percent when you use the all-titanium physical card. More cashback promos will be introduced in the upcoming months.

Interested Apple enthusiasts must have their iPhones updated to 12.4 to sign up for the card.

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