Apple Card owners can use Deferred Payment Program up to six times

Goldman Sachs, Apple’s financial partner recently announced that the Deferred Payment Program for Apple Card users can be extended up to six months in 2020, with August being the last month for eligibility.

The COVID-19 assistance program allows Apple Card customers to skip their monthly dues without being charged interest. Goldman Sachs has mentioned that it’s consistent with US regulatory guidelines, and more importantly lets cardholders get leeway in these difficult times.

To this end, the financial firm is said to be planning additional payment plans for those who need them, and promises more details in the upcoming months.

Apple Card users who want to enroll can go to their iPhone’s Wallet App, access the Apple Card then the message bubble and send a message stating their interest to join the Customer Assistance Program. After some time, they will receive a confirmation which will be sent to their registered Apple ID email address.

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