Earlier a virtual commencement event was held at Ohio State University. During the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the students who recently graduated from the university. On April 3, the university announced that it will hold a virtual commencement event to prevent large gatherings because of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. 

Apple CEO

In his speech, Cook first apologized for not celebrating the event together with the students rather than having a virtual event. He told the graduates that they are special like others who have been graduating from the Ohio State University for the past 150 years. He told the students that their parents, teachers, loved ones, and friends will be proud of their achievement.  

Cook also advised graduates saying:

“Build a better future than the one you thought was certain”

Cook told the students that it is not easy to see the entire picture when you are inside the frame, he advised students to face the current challenges with open heart and eyes. He also told the students that they should share the credit with the circumstances. 

Besides the commencement speech by Tim Cook, the event also featured university officials with commencement regalia and a few musical performances.


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