Apple is set to show-off a slew of devices at its September 10th ‘Special Event’. We know for sure that the company will unveil the next range of iPhones. However, reports by multiple analysts suggest that this year will be different; Apple could also be planning to update its Mac and/or iPad lineup at the iPhone event.

iPad Pro

A new 16-inch MacBook Pro has been making rounds on the internet for a long time now and on the iPad side, a major upgrade to the camera system is expected. The iPad was never considered as a device that you would take family pictures with, well maybe some do but not the majority. 

Then why would Apple be adding a sophisticated camera system on the iPad? Because Apple has been putting a lot of effort in making sure that it’s the king in Augmented Reality (AR) world. Also, Tim Cook has talked a lot about AR in the past and also added that, he considers AR to have more potential than Virtual Reality (VR).

Augmented Reality is the future

A preview of the Augmented Reality Statue of Liberty app
A preview of the Augmented Reality Statue of Liberty app

If the rumours are true, then the next iPad Pros, the 11 inch and 12.9 inch could feature dual-camera setup on the back like the one present on the flagship iPhones. This year at WWDC, Apple spent a good amount of time talking about the updates its planning for its AR development (ARKit). Apple’s mobile devices in the past have succeeded in making/receiving quality software and if the company could replicate that with AR, it would be a huge win.

Along with the iPad Pro, Apple could also update the standard iPad. At present, the iPad measure 9.7 inches, however its been reported that Apple will switch to a 10” display on the standard iPad. It would be the first time Apple completely ditch the 9.7” dimension which has been the standard since the original iPad released in 2010.

Apple could launch the new iPad Pros and the 10” iPad at the September 10th event. However, if it does not, then we know for sure that Apple will do so at its late October event.


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